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I, Ros Smith- Chartered Physiotherapist take your privacy and data protection seriously and will only use your personal information to assist me in providing the service (Veterinary Physiotherapy) you have requested from me.

Information gathered that is considered to be personal will include your name and animal name, address and contact details (phone/email address). This information will be stored securely, either electronically (password protected) or on paper (stored and locked away), alongside the clinical notes.

In addition, I will ask for the details of your Veterinarian or practice that the animal is registered with. Under the Veterinary Surgeons Act (1966) I am required by law to gain Veterinary Consent prior to Physiotherapy treatment. I will gain consent form your veterinary practice by email or telephone and will report back to them findings post treatment. Therefore, information gathered from the assessment may be shared with your Veterinarian.

At times, I may want to discuss details of your animal with other professionals involved in your animals care such as your farrier, hydrotherapist or saddle fitter. I will ask for additional consent from you prior to discussing with another third party. Furthermore, with permission, I may ask to take images or videos of your animal to share with your Veterinarian, with my ACPAT colleagues, as a teaching tool or to assess change in your animal’s presentation. All images will be kept anonymised and kept electronically password protected.

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