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All horses from happy hackers to elite competition horses can benefit from physiotherapy.  Even if your horse doesn’t have a specific injury or trauma it can benefit your horse to be routinely checked. This means that small problems can be detected early and prevented from developing into more serious issues. We would all like to think our horse could move like Valegro and ensuring they can use their muscles and limbs in the most efficient way is essential to this. Maybe we can all dream of Olympic gold!


From your beloved family pet to the elite working dog, musculoskeletal and orthopaedic problems can arise. It is essential to aid a dog's recovery and return them to previous exercise and enjoyment levels. We all love those long walks with our four legged friends and seeing them play.


Along with our 4 legged friends we treat a wide range of human musculoskeletal conditions. We all have tight spots, weaknesses and aches and pains, but how do these impact on our horses and ridden performance? 

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