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Why Choose Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy involves the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal problems. Physiotherapy restores or maintains mobility, function and performance through hands-on treatment and exercises prescription.

The type of problems treated by physiotherapy includes back pain, joint problems, muscle strains, tendon and ligament sprains, post surgery, movement dysfunctions, performance problems, neurological conditions, sports injuries and also injury prevention.

The overall aim is to return the human, equine or canine athlete back to normal function as quickly as possible. 

What Can I Do?

Physiotherapy covers a huge range of treatments. Chartered Physiotherapists have specialist knowledge in anatomy and biomechanics, physiology and pathology and use the detailed assessment to tailor treatments to each animal, its condition and the stage of the problem.

  • Hands-on techniques – manipulation, massage, myofascial release, trigger point release, specific stretches.

  • Electrotherapy - Laser, H-wave muscle stimulation

  • Exercise therapy - rehabilitation programmes, core stability exercises, sport specific training.

  • Advice and education – handling and posture advice, exercise advice, education of conditions and management.

The correct selection and use of these techniques and equipment is where I draw on previous experiences and knowledge to ensure the best outcome for the client. 

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